Stop Marketing.
Start Mattering.

Goodpin is an online platform that lets companies put their charity dollars in their customers’ hands to choose where it goes, as little as $10 at a time.
(like a reverse Kickstarter®)

It’s a new world.

Purpose-centered companies are winning in the new economy.
Consumers now expect your company to address social issues.
If you are not purpose-centered, consumers will switch to a company that is.


believe capitalism as it exists today does more harm than good in the world


people say it’s the responsibility of business to lead the solution of social problems


of consumers will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they care about


How much purpose-centered companies outperformed on the S&P 500

Edelmen Trust Barometer, 2019

Cone Communications CSR Study, 2017

EY, 2018, “Can a Purpose Really Drive Results?

Direct digital selling is not working.

Experts consider engagement rates using traditional digital marketing campaigns of 0.2% to be “good”.

Using Goodpin, clients run digital campaigns that connect with 3X as many customers, 3X as fast as typical digital campaigns, and generating up to 1000X the engagement.

Goodpin lets you create Digital-Mattering Campaigns that help your company build relationships with your customers through doing good together.

With Goodpin, you have a way to put your charity dollars in the hands of your customers and employees, to support charities you both care about.


With Goodpin, get…

  • Direct engagement with consumers and employees
  • Community awareness of your purpose efforts
  • Localized social impact
  • Insights about your customers
  • Two-for-one: Social Impact + Marketing all at once


Goodpin App


total directed to charity


campaigns successfully completed


people that participated and helped their community

“Goodpin offers a way for (customers) to designate philanthropy dollars at a hyper-local level. It allows (customers) to have a voice on what issue or non-profit is more meaningful to them. Goodpin has the ability to follow up with (customers) to show what impact their designation had right in their community.”

Elisa Tatiana Juarez

Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy Program Officer, Target

“One of the most exciting new platforms I have seen in recent years is Goodpin, which enables a brand to empower its customers to decide where it’s social good contributions should go to- and then reward them with offers that can help drive sales in-store — a perfect way to clearly show the ROI generated by social good initiatives, not just in brand metrics, but sales as well.” 

Afdhel Aziz

Author, Speaker, Master Social-Good Marketer, “Good is the New Cool”

“Working with Goodpin during Toronto Men’s Fashion Week was a huge success! The entire team looks forward to start planning our next season with Goodpin’s friendly and helpful staff!”

Ray LeClair

VP Public Affairs, Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

“Giving with Goodpin has helped me increase my referral and close rate. By focusing on giving first it has changed the conversations with clients and prospects are having about Harrison Financial Group and allows me to reach and serve more clients than ever before.”

Dan Harrison

CEO and Founder, Harrison Financial Group

Align customers with your brand in a meaningful way

When you help consumers to support charities you both care about, they publish to social media, creating positive brand awareness for you. Friend-to-friend marketing is the most impactful marketing.

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