Ready-made COVID19 Relief Campaigns

COVID19 is changing everything.

COVID19 is dramatically impacting the world’s societies and economies. Social-distancing directives are leading to feelings of isolation and pushing all interactions online.

People are feeling helpless, wanting to do something to help yet not knowing what to do.

Companies want to stay relevant to their communities, but can’t do typical “buy our stuff” marketing, or events.

Companies both want and need to do something to help their communities, but the old cheque + photo opp formula doesn’t give them the engagement or community awareness they deserve.

Companies both want and need to do something to help the communities they operate in.

What can you do?

Goodpin has ready-made brand-able COVID19 Relief campaigns.

  • Ready now, pre-packaged, content complete
  • Fully customizable
  • Localized impact, national scalability
  • Done-for-you OR done-with-you
  • Delivered in partnership with the best local charitable organizations in the communities that you operate (which you can also customize)
  • Quick to setup
  • Simple to execute

Goodpin is the easy-button – you simply provide the funding and branding, and Goodpin does the rest: digital campaign creation, management and hosting, charity selection, aggregate tax-receipting, funds distribution, post-campaign reporting, and more.


How it works.

Goodpin is an online platform that lets companies put their charity dollars in their customer’s hands to choose where it goes, $10 at a time.

“It’s like a reverse Kickstarter®

COVID Relief Campaigns are what are called FreeMoney + Match Campaigns: Each campaign will have a certain amount of your funds to give to community members to choose what COVID19-related cause to direct it to, $10 at a time. Then if people also add their own funds, that will be matched by you as well.

This campaign type ensures the greatest amount of community participation, and highest potential of people also adding funds themselves – growing the overall impact your brand will have in each community.

Fully customizable means you can add your branding, content, and messaging to the campaigns, as well as add your preferred local charities behind the broad COVID19 specific categories.


Get started today.

Reach out to our team and we’ll get your campaign started right away.

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If you’re an SMB, Charity or Individual we can help too.