Who we are

We are tenacious optimists…

…even as we see the world for the mixed bag it is – and are uplifted by the highs and humbled by the lows of humanity. Daily.


We are relentlessly hopeful…

…but we never confuse hoping with wishing.

Wishing is a well-meaning whisper, but the kind of hope that changes the world has fangs and a fierce growl.

We believe that the world can – and should – be better. And we have the audacity to believe that any one of us can make that happen.

It’s not such a crazy idea…

…because we have 7.5 billion allies—each human on this planet, burning with the desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have been seeking one another out, to do together what they could not do alone.


The tribe that hunted together, survived.

Today, the tribe mentality is alive and well. Because people are driven by the need to connect, not just to consume. To take their fierce, feral hope and find a pack to run with.

And today, tribes are more powerful than ever because we have the technology to accelerate connections between like-minded change-makers and to liberate and consolidate our vast resources.

We can transform the world by transforming the way we connect and the way we give. And we’re on a mission to make those two things one and the same by facilitating the creation of digital tribes that band together to do good.

The spark is there, and it lives within all of us.

We’re here to fan the flames into a bona fide wildfire that spreads and grows as it gains momentum—transforming everything in its path.