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 At its simplest, Goodpin is a digital campaign platform.

Goodpin will develop a custom quote for you based on your specific needs, including things like:

  • Number of campaigns
  • Frequency of campaigns
  • Number of participants
  • Number of countries
  • Number of cities
  • Number of administrators

For Salesforce© users, we have a direct integration so you can create campaigns for existing lists, and push newly generated leads back into Salesforce to your existing automated marketing funnels.

Goodpin is the easy button – you simply provide the funding and branding, and Goodpin does the rest: digital campaign creation, management and hosting, charity selection, aggregate tax-receipting, funds distribution, post-campaign reporting, and more.

Goodpin is the easy button – you simply provide the funding and branding, and Goodpin does the rest.

With Goodpin you get…



Use targeted campaigns to let your customers, employees, or other stakeholders choose the charities that will benefit from your charitable funds – and then spread the word and build viral momentum via social media sharing. It’s like a reverse Kickstarter©, where you can allow individuals to take $10 of your money at a time to give to a cause they care about.

  • Create thousands of one-on-one connections with a broad audience
  • Localize community investment and acquire valuable data
  • Enhance your reputation while giving back to the communities in which you operate
  • Acquire valuable data that provides actionable insight into what is important to your audience

Goodpin offers many types of campaigns depending on your target audience and desired outcomes.

SendMoney© Transactions

Like a charitable Venmo©, you can e-transfer charitable funds to specific customers, prospects, employees, and other valued stakeholders to donate to a charity of their choice. It’s a great way to reward patronage, incentivizing desired behavior (like referrals), and show your appreciation, while deepening relationships and building trust and loyalty.

  • Connect your target audiences with the causes they care about to create a powerful connection to your brand.
  • Indispensable to VIP loyalty and rewards programs, recruitment and onboarding, sales and vendor relationship building and business development.
  • Gain insight into your recipients’ interests and priorities.


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